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Coming Soon: Karate Praxis and Karate Unity Online International ZOOM Seminars

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Well, we did it!

Karate Unity has joined forces to collaborate with Germany's Christian Wedewardt's Karate Praxis team.

Christian is an experienced open-minded martial artist, self-defense coach, and life long learner. His innovative and pragmatic approach to Karate, along with his positive energy will benefit us all.

Sub to our socials on Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook; search for Karate Unity and Karate Praxis online. For a limited time only, as a promo, our seminars will be FREE, then affordable rates will apply.

Seminar dates and times, along with connection details will be posted on our socials, so please check us out.

All styles, ranks, and experience levels are welcomed.

We hope you can join us. Let's have some fun during these times.

Best Wishes to you and your families,

Chris Hanson

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